Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer

What makes this book so riveting and powerful is the absolute truth behind it. I was drawn to it because it’s based on a true story in a first person point of view! Joshua Foer turns an unexpected year long journey into a New York Times Bestseller.

Joshua Foer has written for National Geographic, Esquire, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Slate. But this by far is my favorite piece of journalism he has conjured together.

First Foer takes the reader to United States Memory Championship, where he interviews a number of competitors who can in fact memorize the order of a random deck of 52 cards in under three minutes.

To me this seemed incredible, and when one of the competitors convinced Foer someone didn’t have to be a genius to complete this competition, Foer decided to try it for himself.

This is when the book gets interesting, Foer divulges into the ancient history of memory, and the philosophical ideologies of what memories truly mean to us.

Along with the background knowledge, the reader is actually given some key techniques into memory recognition. And let me just say, they are addicting. I started using them to my advantage when I would take my last few French exams. Full disclosure: I aced them.

But like I said it’s just a few techniques, Foer does a wonderful job giving more resources to master memory techniques to go along with this book.

The ending of this book is what left my mouth wide open. I won’t give anything away but Foer’s results are astonishing.

You can find this book online at here!


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