Get your SH*T together by Sarah Knight

This book was recommended to me by a friend that knows I’m a self-help junkie. It made it to the New York Times Bestseller list, it also has over millions of copies sold.

Sarah Knight is a no holds bar type of person, it goes right along with her book series. She spent fifteen years in New York City as a book editor, until she realized that it was boring as hell! She real talk quit her job and moved to an exotic island. What a boss move. You can find out more about her journey here.

To start, the qualities I like the most about this book are how blunt and raw Knight makes it. It’s not your usual self-help book that makes you surgically dissect the underlying themes and translate them into takeaways. There’s no fluff to the book it’s pure and direct.

The book itself is extremely short, it’s only about 100 pages. Get your SH*T together is broken up into four parts (also referred to as the Core 4). I’ll leave the four components up to you to find out, I hate how book reviews give too many spoilers.

But, essentially Knight breaks up four common aspects of every person’s life, and coaches you through easy steps to attain your goals. But it’s not the usual coaching you get from your mom or dad when they’re motivating you to get out of bed.

Knight’s voice throughout the entire book is assertive, she’s not asking she’s telling you to do things. The tone leaves you driven by the end of the book.

What resonated with me the most from this book was that you need to own your responsibilities and problems in order to conquer them. Fess up and own your problems, and you’ll own your life.

You can find this book in book stores like Barnes & Noble or on Amazon here!


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