Heart Talk by Cleo Wade

When I tell you what made me pick up this book in the first place you’re going to think I’m superficial and I succumb to the unconscious bias that brainwashes our capitalistic country.

I’m willing to deal with it if you are. Anyways, I was scrolling through Instagram, the start to every newest story, when I saw Bella Hadid post about this book. I KNOW how basic of me!

I’m not gonna lie the cover speaks for itself. It’s quirky and gives you a taste of who Ms. Wade is. But, the hook for me was the subtitle of the book.

I’m one of those people who has one electric train of thought and runs with it, but once I let the dust settle, for maybe, three seconds I have three more of those thoughts and want to go back and revise.

My professors of the past can certainly attest to this, grading a paper that has eight plus cross-outs and revisions is probably a nightmare. My deepest apologies.

This book radiates with magic from cover to cover. The advice, gratitude, wisdom and poetic flare it has is immeasurable to any other poetry/self devotion book I’ve ever read, I thoroughly enjoyed flipping every single page.

The best part about this book is Ms. Wade gives clear and easy advice. She asks the reader to dig within themselves and be honest about who they are.

There’s one stretch of the book designated to cutting out toxic relationships, feelings and people from someone’s life.

After reading this section I took a lot away from it, I realized that I do indeed have some people that demonstrate this selfishness she describes. So, I cut them out of my life!

It’s been a month or two since I read this book and truthfully the decision stands strong. This is one of those books that opens your eyes to your surroundings when you’re to used to the setting to see through it’s facade.

You know how Cosmo says you have to date 10 types of people that are wrong for you before figuring out what you deserve?

For once Cosmo is wrong! All those hard-hitting lessons they catapult at you after a suck-ish relationship are bottled up and served to you here.

I recommend this book to EVERYONE, I’m not joking! There’s a plethora of insights dripping through these pages. If you’re looking for some reassurance or just a pick-me-up this is a book that would interest you. If you get it check out some of my favorite pages: 71, 77, 97 and 147.

The book is pretty recent so you’ll be able to find it in bookstores and online at Amazon.com here!


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