The reasons I still got bangs even though 85% of people told me not to

Forgive me, for I have sinned, it has been 52 days since my last post! (But with so I think, legitimate reasoning).

The end of the summer really did me in, I graduated from Drexel, with honors! I applied to what seems like a MILLION different jobs. Not sure if anyone else has ever tried searching for their dream job two days post-grad, but man is it a slap in the face. Every job I wanted, or felt I’d be great at was super senior level.

At one point I was so annoyed with individually personalizing cover letters and resumes that I genuinely thought about blowing a fund my grandparents had instilled for me since literal birth, taking a gap year, and traveling the world.

Low in behold, when what feels like eternal darkness, light always has a way of making a grand gesture.

A job, not just a job, an INCREDIBLE opportunity with a media firm in NYC fell into my lap (shout out to Chris for this one!) Life really is all about your network people, so be generous, be polite and go forth into the world as a magnificent being because you never know who will remember you in the long run.

SO moral of the story : graduated > job searched > traveled to Tennessee somewhere along the way > nailed an interview or three > got a job > and MOVED TO NEW YORK!

Here we are people, and what better way to commemorate a new stage of life than with a new and improved lewk.

I really had my heart set on bangs, not those cliquey Zooey Deschanel straight edge ones, but the sides-swept, whimsical yet somewhat mustache-y looking ones. I took a pole with my closest friends and family, if I had to guess I’d say it was about 20 people and I kid you not when I say 17 people said point blank “absolutely not.”

I mean usually my best friends and mother’s opinions would be crucial for me to make a decision but I was dead set! And let me tell you why I negated literally every “no” thrown at me.

1. I will always go against the grain when I want something

This is just pertained to my own experiences but when I want something and someone tells me I can’t have it, I make it my new sole purpose in life to reach out and grab it.

I don’t think it’s a bad complex to have, what’s wrong with refusing to be a plain Jane? In fact I think it’s a great attitude to have instilled, especially when you come up on top, it makes you hungrier for your wants.

2. They’re super sophisticated and timeless

When you look to the history of bangs, they’ve been one of the only continuously persistent hairstyles of all time! This isn’t an exaggeration, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, The Gibson Girls, Josephine Baker, Audrey Hepburn, Farrah Fawcett, Kate Moss! They all bestowed iconic looks with them! Go back in time and take a look, bangs are power house girls’ secret weapon.

I swear I look in the mirror some mornings and I’m reminded of my favorite 90s icons. I’d say I have a mix of season 10 Rachel Green and pre-plastic surgery Alexa Chung bangs.

Bangs have a very book smart and professional edge to them. They tie very seamlessly into the business world I’m breaching right now, and they add some jazz to my recently adopted five-days-a-week business casual requirement.

3. Bangs aren’t hard to maintain people – it’s a myth

Bangs have an extremely aggressive connotation behind them, it’s like the extremist of haircuts to some people.

And believe me, when you share with people you’re thinking about getting them you’ll hear things like “they’re so much work,” “you have to do your hair everyday,” “you can’t really accomplish different styles with them.”

Although I commend these front runners for looking out for a sista, having bangs is the easiest hair cut I’ve ever had.

I take a shower, brush my hair out, run my fingers through it to give it some volume and let it air dry. The biggest roadblock people have with bangs is that you HAVE to style them everyday.

You really don’t, they dry how they’re supposed to, because they’re shorter pieces they dry bouncier and with more volume. I don’t have to go out and buy a special brush, or wake up 40 minutes earlier than I normally would to blow dry and style my hair.

I usually go to bed, wake up and either put my hair up in a whole new world of accomplished up-do’s (seriously bangs are the best compliment to ponytails, buns and braids).

Or I take any essential hot tool, like a blow dryer, curling wand, or straightener and style the bangs upwards and away from my face with one sweep of heat on each side. It takes four minutes tops, and then I’m out the door!

The best aspect I’ve found so far is when you go to the salon for a touch up when they get too long, you always get the best stylist they have. Because when you think about it no one wants to fuck up another girls hair, unless they enjoy being screamed at.

Haircuts and touch ups are cheap too! I usually cap at about $30 (including tip) to get my bangs trimmed and shaped back into all their glory, and usually I just ask if the stylist can cut some split ends off the bottom too. They usually do and don’t charge extra! This stylist is also your Ask Jeeves ask them about your hair needs, tips on styling YOUR hair the best way YOU can, it’s their job!

4. They make every day feel like a special occasion

Bangs are the greatest accessory, they frame your face in the most flattering way, they give you a sort of innocent and younger looking facade. I’m only 22 and already wish I was 20 again.

I’m the type of person that only puts on makeup if I’m going out, or doing something a little spicier than an everyday look. 5/7 days of the week I’m hustling around and always on the move. Bangs have the versatility to transition into a different look quickly.

Exhibit A: Sunday morning wake up, my boyfriend is literally ravenous and cannot wait any longer than he has to for food. I throw on jeans, a sweater, put my hair up in a bun, wrap a cute floral paisley handkerchief around it, pull my bangs down, quickly coat  mascara, and then some blush on my cheeks and I’m ready to go. I look extremely cohesive and cute and it took me five minutes.

Exhibit B: Friday after work drinks with some coworkers or friends. I take my hair out of my bun, take some bobby pins, a hair tie, scrunchie etc.. and do a half up half down look. Day to Drinks in less than five minutes.

What makes bangs so easy is honestly in the maintenance, you have to go to the salon maybe once every one or two months to get a trim. Maintaining that fresh, glossy salon look is how your hair stays healthy, voluminous and bouncy.

5. It’s hair.

My final argument is simple. If you think you can pull them off and are thinking about getting them, get them! There’s nothing more fun than switching up gears and testing new waters. It’s hair it grows back!

If they don’t work out for you, you can always refer to that time as the Bad Bangs Era. 😉


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