About Me

I‘m curious, I’m dynamic, I’m charismatic and I can make friends with anyone, from your 80-year-old grandma to a pup passing by, I’ll always have something to contribute.

Who I am

I’m Emily Liakakos and I’m from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, a little beach town in Central Jersey, and YES that does exist for all you non-believers out there.

I’m 21, and I’m an aspiring journalist just finishing up my days at Drexel University with a major in communication with concentrations in public relations and journalism with a minor in French.

What the future holds

My dream is to live abroad in Europe for a few years and write for a publication, or represent a brand while I’m still young and don’t have a ton of responsibilities.

You know, other than paying my utilities, rent, credit card bills, and working every day to feed my vices; the three P’s: pasta, puppies, and pastries.

In the long run I see myself ending up in either California or New York City, two very different atmospheres but both have the upbeat, fast-paced professional environment I’m seeking.

Ever since I could remember I have been in love with the process of writing, the freedom associated with it and how raw it can be. I can speak my truths and voice my opinion.

On the other side of the spectrum my mind is jarred to the thoughts and contributions of those reading and responding to it.

How I can help

I’m at a pivotal point in my life, where I’m searching for my routines and the wisdom to get to my equilibrium point that holds success AND pleasure.

This blog is a novel that’s taking a lifetime to curate. So far I’ve found that self love, affirmation, and self-reflection are the most useful tools in achieving these goals.

I’m going to share with you everything I think can propel someone to the next level, book reviews, research, powerful quotes, methodologies, etc…etc….

Every day I’m reflecting and trying to push myself forward to be better and more progressive than I was the day before. Hopefully that can inspire some of you.


ALL Photos are generated by myself unless otherwise indicated in posts!